Administration Office

Administration Office:
45 McIntosh Drive
Markham, Ontario L3R 8C7
Telephone: 905-946-9700
Fax: 905-946-2535
Toll Free 1-800-263-3564

Administration Office Staff:

Member Eligibility and Contributions

NameTitleExt.Roles & ResponsibilitiesEmail
Melissa WaughAdministration Team Lead237o Member Benefit inquiries
o Union office inquiries
o Escalated member inquiries
o Escalated employer inquiries
o Eligibility


NameTitleExt.Roles & ResponsibilitiesEmail
Suresh TumkurPension Administrator238o Member Pension inquiries
o Local 1030 Pension Plan
o Local 27 RRSP and RPP
Debbie Deguchi Senior Pension and Benefits Administrator 259o Trustee Contact
o Escalated Member Pension inquiries
o Escalated Local 27 RRSP and RPP


NameTitleExt.Roles & ResponsibilitiesEmail
Mary SpadaDisability Administrator262o Short Term Disability Claims
Troy FernandesSenior Disability Administrator249o Long Term Disability Claims

Health and Welfare Claims

NameTitleExt.Roles & ResponsibilitiesEmail
Isa SantosClaims Supervisor242o Claims processing and
Suresh TumkurTeam Leader, Claims234o Claims processing and
Bader SayeedClaims Administrator236o Claims processing and
Janet KingClaims Administrator252o Claims processing and
Lucy Sistilli-FurlanoClaims Administrator281 o Claims processing and inquiries

Executive Assistant

NameTitleExt.Roles & ResponsibilitiesEmail
Andrea MerlinExecutive Assistant267o Provides administrative

Management Team

NameTitleExt.Roles & ResponsibilitiesEmail
Veronica TsengManager of Pension Administration251o Oversees the day to day operations of the Pension Administration
Enas RazackManager, Benefits Administration260o Oversees the day to day operations of the Benefits Administration Team (including
eligibility, contributions, disability and claims)
Ippy SerratoreManager of Client Relationships230o Client issues and
Colin GuptaSenior Health Benefits Consultant227o Health Plan Management and
Kimberly HoustonManaging Director257o Oversight of
Susan BirdPresidento Governance and Plan Design